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Authentic success is based on a truth experienced personally. It can be in the refinement of a skill or a quality, productive cooperation, personal insights, and the events and flow of everyday life. In anything where you are present from your heart.

We provide coaching and consulting services to support people and organizations in creating life and success that feels authentic to them. Our aim is to help our clients to become aware of and do things that enable them to experience and express themselves at their most genuine.

Authentic success includes both short and long term experiences and visions. These experiences and visions transform as individuals and organizations transform. What feels true today can expand into something else tomorrow. We support and encourage this evolution.

”Small acts, when multiplied by millions, can transform the world.” By being and acting from authenticity we can leave a constructive footprint through our lives and efforts.

Marika Vepsäläinen

Founder, coach, consultant

WeCreate International Coach
BA Anthropology & Communications, University of London

+358 50 575 9928

Footprint Coaching & Consulting
Kadetintie 18 A 18
00330 Helsinki, Finland


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