An organization and its culture are the key enablers of digital business success.

The rapid digitalization of business and services sets the stage for a cultural transformation in organizations. The transformation calls for new, more integrated perspectives on creating business and for faster, more equal and transparent approaches to leadership, design, production, communication and other day-to-day operations.

Our aim is to enable the development of sustainable and productive digital services in our client organizations by

Supporting organizations in smooth digital transformations and development, including:

  • evaluation and sparring of service concepts, processes and operations with reference to business targets
  • coaching and training teams and key staff members to be internal change agents
  • supporting in developing more efficient working and communication methods
  • implementation of processes and ways of working

Creation and development of digital competence and teams, including:

  • mapping required competencies with reference to business targets
  • identifying and tapping into unused competence and potential in the organization
  • mentoring and coaching digital business executives, team leaders and teams

Defining digital and integrated service strategies and concepts, including:

  • digital strategy creation
  • mapping varied business requirements and integrating them into cohesive concepts
  • defining and concepting digital and integrated service entities


Contact and information: marika@footprintcc.com

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